Tips for Picking your Wedding Photographer

//Tips for Picking your Wedding Photographer

Tips for Picking your Wedding Photographer

As an experienced wedding photographer working in Canterbury and across Kent, I’ve helped hundreds of couples to commemorate the happiest day of their lives with a collection of high quality photos. By chatting to couples and their extended families over the years I’ve collected plenty of tips for choosing a wedding photographer. Hopefully they will help you to pick the perfect photographer for your big day – and avoid any nasty surprises or last-minute complications!

It’s not be a good idea to hire a relative

Weddings get everybody excited and many of your relatives will be as excited as you are about the wedding day. They are likely to want to help out in any way possible – from recommending an excellent caterer to directing you towards a beautiful venue.

Any budding photographers in the family may volunteer their services to capture the wedding day for a lower price or free of charge. While everyone likes the idea of saving money over what can be an expensive day, usually this is a bad idea – and it can end up being very expensive in other ways if things don’t go to plan!

The benefits of hiring a professional photographer

Instead of entrusting a friend of relative to capture your most precious moments, hiring a professional wedding photographer in Canterbury or Kent offers plenty of benefits. Not only can your loved ones enjoy the day without the hassle of planning and capturing photos, you’ll also have the peace of mind that an expert will deliver you an album of excellent images that meet your requirements and serve as a reminder of the happiest day of your life.

A knowledge of light

How often have you or a friend tried to capture the perfect moment in a photograph, only to find that it’s too dark or bright to appreciate all of the details? The wrong light settings might not be the end of the world in a Facebook update or Instagram post, but they will stick out like a sore thumb in a wedding gallery.

Professional wedding photographers in Kent and Canterbury know how to capture the moment perfectly in all different lightings, from dimly-lit churches to bright summer days. This makes sure your photos are crystal clear with a full range of contrasts and colours – and more importantly no missing details.

Experts have a backup

Technology can be unreliable at times – but your wedding day is one situation where you can’t afford to have a malfunction or dead battery. Professional photographers carry backup kit to make sure your big day is captured no matter what, without relying on a single camera, battery or lense.

Good crowd control

It’s never easy to control large crowds, especially during the excitement of a wedding. Wedding photographers have the ability to calmly and quickly bring crowds together for the perfect snap without affecting the celebrations or becoming a killjoy. This is a skill that I’ve learned over many years of photographing weddings in Kent and Canterbury.

Why choose me to photograph your wedding?

As a professional wedding photographer working in Canterbury and across Kent, all of the above are reasons to consider giving me the privilege of capturing your big day. My previous clients have described me as easy going, organised and professional – but I’d be happy to speak to you directly to explain how I could help you. Simply contact me through this website and I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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