Weddings at Rowhill Grange -Kent

//Weddings at Rowhill Grange -Kent

Weddings at Rowhill Grange -Kent

Five reasons why I love shooting Rowhill Grange Wedding Photography

As a busy Kent wedding photographer I frequently get to shoot Rowhill Grange Wedding photography.  I love working at this amazing wedding venue.  Here are five reasons why:

I love shooting wedding photography at Rowhill Grange because of The Clockhouse.

The Clockhouse building is a self-contained space with 15 acres of gardens and grounds.  The building consists of separate areas that allow you to have your wedding done your way.    You can have your ceremony in the pretty Cottage Suite which has beautiful views across the gardens.  In good weather you can exchange vows under the romantic wedding gazebo.  The Clockhouse building can seat up to 120 guests so is ideal for wedding receptions and the evening party. It boasts a private greeting space, bar and terrace.

I love shooting wedding photography at Rowhill Grange because of their excellent service.

Rowhill Grange have years of experience of delivering amazing weddings for couples regardless of size and budget.  The bridal changing facilities are second to none allowing me to get great images of my brides as they make their final preparations.  Rowhill Grange’s website is really helpful by offering different wedding packages and their staff are always helpful and attentive.   As a professional working in the wedding industry it’s always reassuring to work with people who really know and care about what they’re doing.

I love shooting Rowhill Grange wedding photography because of the hotel and spa.

Rowhill Grange is a fabulous hotel and spa allowing wedding parties and their guest’s exceptional facilities if they want to extend their stay.  Their state of the art spa, award winning food, gorgeous interiors and stunning gardens and grounds offer guests everything they could want to relax and get away from it all.

I love shooting wedding photography at Rowhill Grange because it makes such a beautiful backdrop

Rowhill Grange is stunning venue both inside and out.  This means that the weather cannot ruin your wedding day.  And it means that I am spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing beautiful backdrops to photograph my couples in front of.

Lastly, I love shooting wedding photography at Rowhill Grange because of the light.

Churches and castles can be dark places for wedding photographers to work in so I always love that Rowhill Grange has light interiors and large windows and doors that flood the venue with tons of natural light.  (We Kent wedding photographers are obsessed with natural light!)  So that even if the weather isn’t great fantastic images are always guaranteed. So if you’re looking for a fabulous wedding venue in Kent then take a look at Rowhill Grange.  High end luxury doesn’t come better than this and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’ll be in safe hands.

Working with lovely couples and shooting wedding photography at Rowhill Grange are what makes being a Kent wedding photographer the best job in the world! Please get in touch for more information on my services

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