Civil Partnerships – Weddings in Kent

//Civil Partnerships – Weddings in Kent

Civil Partnerships – Weddings in Kent

Photography for Civil Partnerships in Kent

You would have thought that after the legalisation of gay marriage in 2014 that there would have been a decline in people choosing to have civil partnerships.  But this is not the case, I increasingly get booked to shoot photography for Civil Partnerships in Kent for both same sex and heterosexual couples.

This is because instead of fading away civil partnerships have in fact increased in popularity.  Many couples don’t like the traditions surrounding weddings that are religious and patriarchal and whilst wanting to make a life-time commitment to someone they simply don’t see themselves as a ‘husband’ or a ‘wife.’

One of the perks of being a civil partnership photographer in Kent is that I get to see some amazing venues.  There are over 200 venues in Kent offering civil partnerships including hotels, stately homes, castles, restaurants theatres’ and even a wild animal park.   So whether you’re looking for a civil partnership in Canterbury, Whitstable, Ashford, Margate, Folkestone, Dover or Tenterden you’re sure to find your perfect venue.

If you’re planning your civil partnership in Kent take a look at the Kent County Council website.  They give details on how to register your civil partnership, links to all of the venues in Kent and guidance on how to arrange everything.

So once you’ve registered your intention to have a civil partnership and chosen a venue.  It’ll be time to start thinking about booking a photographer.  I’d love to hear about your plans.
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